Information about chargebacks and their consequences

Chargebacks - also known as disputes or claims - are requests made by your bank to recover funds used in a transaction.

It is important to note that requesting a chargeback does not guarantee a refund. Such requests serve to open a discussion between the vendor and financial institution.

As transaction disputes are often used as a form of fraud, making it difficult to determine their validity, we strongly advise that you contact us for help with your Ubisoft Store purchase first, before opening a claim.

Please note that attempted chargebacks on a transaction may result in the loss of the ability to place future orders.

Any pending orders will be canceled, and digital content within the disputed order will be removed from your account, in accordance with our Terms of Sale:

We reserve the right to suspend and/or revoke your Account and/or to restrict you from placing orders in the Ubisoft Stores and/or to restrict you from using certain payment methods, if we reasonably suspect that you have undertaken (or are attempting/have attempted to undertake) a fraudulent transaction.
To restore your ability to make purchases, we recommend reversing the chargeback and letting us know so that we can validate it on our side.

Once we have confirmed the reversal, your purchasing privileges will be reinstated within 15 working days.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have experienced any problems with your order, or have any other questions.

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