Starting a new game with the Warlords of New York Expansion

Are you ready to make your way to Downtown Manhattan and deal with Aaron Keener once and for all in the Warlords of New York Expansion?

All Agents who reached Level 30 (World Tier 5) can embark on the manhunt straight away and start progressing to Level 40!

Agents of lower levels will need to progress to that point before being able to assist. Those itching to get into the action sooner can choose to boost their character to the required character Level and World Tier.

When deciding whether to manually level your Agent or go with the boost option, there are a few things to consider.

Boosting a character will automatically complete the campaign and unlock certain gameplay elements. As there is no option to replay storylines or tutorials, you would need to create a Level 1 character to experience everything Washington D.C. has to offer!

Additionally, once you begin the Warlords of New York expansion, you will need to finish its full story before being able to return to Washington D.C.

You will have the opportunity to review this information again when you first start the Warlords of New York Expansion.
In-game notification displayed when starting the Expansion

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