World Dance Floor in Just Dance 2020

The World Dance Floor is an online multiplayer mode where players from all over the world can gather and dance together.

This mode is now cross-platform and consists of an endless playlist with different themes.
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All performances count towards an online rank to build a season leaderboard. Every two weeks, players will compete to try and be the best player of the season!

The following events can be triggered:

•  Happy Hours: Specific time windows during which the playlist only contains Just Dance Unlimited songs. All dances will be available for everyone.
•  Beat The Boss: A massive cooperative event. All players have to combine their score to beat the boss for the length of one up to three tracks. 
•  Team Battle: Two teams face each other. You will be assigned to a team in which you will have to score as many stars as possible to win.
•  Tournaments: Players have to give their best in a succession of songs to accumulate the highest score possible and win.
•  Song Vote: Players will be able to vote for different tracks to choose the next song. They will then compete to earn the best score and reach the top of the ranking.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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