Starting a new game in Far Cry 5 (PC)

If you want to start the game from the beginning, you can simply click New Game in the game's main menu: 
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However, this will overwrite your current progress. Far Cry 5 has one save slot available and your new game will autosave any progress you make into it.

If you decide to restart, the following will reset: 
- Story progress
- Non-Premium items that you unlocked
- Arcade progress

However, your new savegame will retain the following: 
- Items purchased with Silver Bars
- Ubisoft Connect rewards
- Additional content such as ULCs you unlocked

If you'd like to preserve the progress from your previous game, we recommend that you make a backup of your save data in a different location before you start a new game. You can find out where your savegames are stored in this article

This is how you backup your savegame:
- Open the savegame directory
- Select the file and copy it into a different location, for example on your desktop.
This will allow you to continue your previous game at a later time: simply restore the old save file to the original location. 

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