Tracklist of the Far Cry 5 Soundtrack

This is the full list of songs on the soundtrack which is included in some of the editions of Far Cry 5:
01 The Resistance
02 Help Me Faith - Choir Version
03 Something Worth Protecting
04 When The World Falls Into The Flames
05 The Sinful Life
06 Free of All Desire
07 Oh the Bliss - Choir Version
08 We Will Rise - Hammock Remix
09 Plate By Plate
10 Worry and Madness
11 Let the Water Wash Away Your Sins - Hammock Remix
12 Begging For Forgiveness
13 Bold and Brave
14 The Lights Will All Go Out
15 A Prisoner No More
16 The Sky Won't Show a Star
17 See The Rabbids Running
18 Sanctuary
19 Sunrise On The Soldiers

The soundtrack included in the Mondo Edition is different. You'll find a Mondo Edition tracklist in this article

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