Ranked mode in Steep

With the introduction of the Title Update Winter on March 27th, we have introduce a new feature: the Ranked Mode

To activate this mode, highlight a challenge and press on your Left Stick
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Once you activate ranked mode, it remain active on all challenges until you deactivate it by pressing your Left Stick on a challenge or if you relaunch the game.

You will know if you are in Ranked Mode by seeing the Ranked Mode panel on the left side of the challenge. 
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When you activate Ranked Mode, all snowboard/ski challenges with scores are limited in terms of amount of tricks counted. For example, if the challenge specify a limit of 15 tricks, once you made more than 15 tricks the score made by the rest will be ignore. Note that there is no tricks limit for: 
- Wingsuit challenges
- Paragliding challenges
- Rocket wingsuit challenges
- Speed riding challenges
- Snowboard/ski races
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If you have any questions regarding this update, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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