Character customisation and outfits in Far Cry 5

Apart from their gender and skin tone, you can change any aspect of your character's appearance in the Character Customization menu. Any items of clothing or outfits you unlock will be available in this menu.
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The customization content will become available to you after you completed the mission The Resistance

The items will be organised by the following categories:

Outfits - full body outfits
Upper Body - shirts, jackets
Lower Body - trousers
Hair - does not contain items of clothing but allows you to change the hairstyle and colour
Headwear - hats, caps, sunglasses
Handwear - gloves, bandages
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You can scroll through the available items in each category. Items that are greyed out have not yet been unlocked, which means you first need to meet a certain requirement in-game, for example complete a specific mission, to get access to the item. Some items that are unlocked need to be purchased with Dollars before you can equip them. 

If you have trouble locating content you should have unlocked, the information in this FAQ might help.

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