Ubisoft Account Permanently Banned

To improve and maintain the security of player accounts, we will permanently ban accounts that have been associated with activities that violate our Terms of Use. Ubisoft accounts can also be permanently banned if they are associated with illegal activities like account phishing, account selling, account sharing, or fraud. 

Please note that once an account has been permanently banned, you will be unable to log in or access Ubisoft websites and services. 

If you're unsure of what activities lead to the permanent ban on your account, consider: 

Personal Data and Permanent Bans

Ubisoft may collect and process personal data that applies to the permanent ban on your Ubisoft account. It is in Ubisoft's legitimate interest to combat illegal behavior by taking action against players who are engaging in illegal activities within our ecosystem. 

Formal disclaimer: 

Ubisoft may keep such personal data for as long as necessary to ensure the sanction is applied. In case you have been permanently banned by Ubisoft for illegal activity, such personal data will be stored for ten years. Your personal data storage will be submitted to the Ubisoft PRIVACY POLICY.

Under applicable law, including data protection laws such as the GDPR, you have rights regarding the collection and processing of your personal data. You may exercise your rights to access, rectify, or erase your data. You may also object to, or restrict, the processing of your data. We can provide you with an export of your personal data information when you make a data request with our team

Please acknowledge that if a permanent ban has been applied to your Ubisoft account, some restrictions will apply under the applicable law. Ubisoft will not be able to delete any personal data associated with the conditions of your permanent ban, since deleting this data or providing it publicly could undermine Ubisoft's ability to detect and take action against behaviors that violate our Terms of Use and the safety of our ecosystem.

Submitting an Appeal

If you've confirmed that your account has been permanently banned, please be aware of the following: 

  • Account-holders are held responsible for the activities carried out on their Ubisoft account
  • If you wish to submit an appeal, note that repeated or abusive outreach will not expedite the process
  • Additional appeals submitted after a previous investigation has been finalized may not be considered
Ubisoft will not be able to provide you with personal data regarding your permanent ban. If you have received a permanent ban on your Ubisoft account, our Support team will only provide surface-level information to protect our internal processes and anti-toxicity systems from being exploited.

If you believe that a permanent ban has been applied to your account in error, you can provide our Support team with a description of the issue and we'll be happy to investigate your case. 


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