Purchasing in-game items in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

To unlock items, head to the in-game Store by selecting the option from the main menu, or by navigating to the Store tab from the pause menu.

Once there, you can browse available offers in the Featured tab or switch between the different tabs to see if anything catches your eye!

Using Ghost Coins, you buy the following in-game items:
• Weapon blueprints*
• Attachments
• Vehicles
• Customisation
• Camos
Select a category from any of the above sections to browse the stock.
Attachments section of the in-game shop
Once you have purchased an item, you should be able to find it in-game - note that weapon blueprints need to be forged at Maria's shop in Erewhon in order for the weapon to appear in your Loadout.
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Items you obtain from the Store are shared across all your save slots.
*Please note that the Store only offers blueprints, not complete weapons. Once you have purchased a blueprint for a weapon, you need to forge it at Maria's shop in Erewhon.

Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions!

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