Changing the Password on Your Ubisoft Account

You can reset your password from any Ubisoft login page, including Account Management.
To change your password:
  1. Click on Forgot your password?
  2. Enter your account's email address in the provided field.
  3. Complete the Captcha verification and click Submit.
    This will send an email with further instructions to the address you entered.
  4. Check your email Inbox (or Promotion/Spam/Junk folders if it isn't there) for additional instructions.
  5. After reviewing the information provided in the email, click the link provided there. 
  6. Review the guidance provided to ensure your preferred password is secure. 
  7. Enter the new password into the pop-up window pictured below. 
  8. Once entered, complete the process by clicking the Change button.
User-added image
A confirmation email will be sent to the email we have on file for your Ubisoft account once your password has been successfully changed.

If it doesn't appear in your Inbox shortly after confirming the change, check any Spam, Junk, or Promotion folders that your email service provider offers to confirm that it wasn't routed there instead. 

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