Building a track in the Trackmania map editor (Simple Editor)

After getting to know the camera controls, you can focus on the exciting part: building the track!
Race tracks in Trackmania are built by connecting track pieces so the course can be completed from start to finish.

Sometimes, you might want to purposefully leave a gap to make it more of a challenge! Just keep in mind that you need to be able to complete the track as well. 
This will get you started:
Placing track pieces
In the tool bar at the bottom of the screen, you can see the available track tiles.
Tool bar in the editor
Select one of the tiles to see a preview that can be moved either with the mouse or with the arrow keys. Track pieces will always move in a grid, so they are always evenly placed and do not overlap.
You can place a track piece by clicking the left mouse button or pressing the space bar
Track pieces can be rotated with the right mouse button or the right Ctrl key.
To adjust the height of the placement you can scroll up or down with the mouse wheel, use the Page Up and Page Down keys on your keyboard, or use the up and down arrows in the bottom left corner of the screen, next to the camera icon. 
Placing a new track piece on top of another one will replace it. 

Placed track part
You will only be able to connect track pieces with the same colour directly. If you are unable to place a piece, the preview will be tinted red and nothing will happen when you left click or hit the space bar.
To delete a track piece, select the eraser icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to switch into erase mode and then click on the piece you would like to remove. To exit the mode, click on the icon again or select a track piece.
You can also delete a track piece by holding down the X key and the left-clicking on the piece. When you let go of the X key you will leave erase mode.
When you press the Backspace key you get the option to delete all placed objects on the map.
Checkpoints allow players to reset themselves if they crash. Try adding a checkpoint in tricky places on your track to help them out. 

Checkpoint on track
Adding a start and finish
Every track needs a start and finish. Depending on how you set them up, the type of track you are building changes.
To build a Time Trial track, place the Start and Finish track pieces at the beginning and end of the track.

Start and Finish track pieces
If you want to build a 3 Lap Race track, use the Start/Finish track piece instead.

Start/Finish track piece
Note that every track can only have one start, but it can have multiple finishes. To finish the track, players need to have passed through all checkpoints. Keep this in mind when placing multiple finishes.

There are countless possibilities for combining the track pieces. If you have found one that you like, you need to make sure that your track is working. 

For that you need to learn about validating your race track.

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