What Are Ubisoft Connect Challenges and Rewards?

Each Ubisoft Connect enabled game features at least 4 Challenges and 4 Rewards.

Actions are events within the game that once completed grant you Ubisoft Connect Units. Actions are usually linked to specific game achievements or trophies. When you unlock such achievements/trophies, you also complete the Action and receive the associated number of Ubisoft Connect Units.

You then get to decide whether to unlock a Reward now, or save your Ubisoft Connect Units for later!

Ubisoft Connect Actions
Actions are the same across all platforms – but completing an action on Xbox 360 doesn’t mean you have completed the action on PlayStation 3 as well.

Ubisoft Connect Rewards
The same applies for rewards. Redeeming a reward on Xbox 360 doesn’t mean you have redeemed that reward on PlayStation 3 as well.

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