Control Pad Notes

First, the external configuration application mentioned in the manual no longer is used.  All systems and controller options can be mapped using the appropriate options in the Options Menu.

Second, if using a contol pad, first ensure that it is recognized in the Windows control panel. Once in the game, take the time to map your controls in the Options menu under "keys mapping", as the wide range of controllers and manufacturers don't use a unified standard for their buttons.  If controls still seem wonky in the game, also attempt to switch between the digital and analog input options on the controller if they exist.  As a general rule, the cheaper the controller, the less likely it will work well or responsively with the game.

Lastly, the game's menus can be navigated with any controller, with the grey numbered circles representing the corresponding control pad button.  This number reference is mapped to the controller by the hardware manufacturer.  If the buttons are not labeled on your controller with numbers,experimentation will be the quickest method of determining which buttons to use when navigating the menus.  If all else fails to produce desired results, the menus can still be easily navigated with mouse or keyboard controls.

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