Recruiting DedSec operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion

You can have any combination of up to 45 operatives in you team and your Potential Recruits list.

When recruiting new operatives for DedSec there are three types of Operatives that you will encounter, all of which require different tactics:

Standard Operatives.

•  Approach your desired recruit.
•  Hold down the Start Recruitment button to begin that person's recruitment mission.
Alternatively, you can save them to the Potential Recruits list, to be recruited later.
You will not be able to select the Start Recruitment button on any individual who dislikes DedSec.
•  Complete the recruitment mission for this person to add them to your list of Operatives.

Operatives who dislike DedSec.

•  Approach your desired recuit.
•  Hold down the QuickHack button, and select Save to Recruits.
•  Locate your new potential recruit in the Team tab of the in-game menu.
•  Select Deep Profiler, and highlight one of the Recruitment Leads from the list that pops up.
•  Select Investigate to start the investigation mission.
•  Complete this mission to add this person to your list of Operatives.

Skilled Operatives.

There are two ways to recruit Skilled Operatives:
Liberating a borough of London.
Completing a Standard Operative mission for a person with a green dot map marker.

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