Official Game Modes

There are eight official game modes developed by Nadeo for ShootMania Storm:

  • Melee: This is a free for all. The player has to complete a certain amount of hits to win the map.
  • Royal: This is a survival free for all. the aim is to be the last man standing at the end of the round. It is possible to activate a sphere which will shrink the playing field via a pole which is generally located at the center of the map.
  • Battle: This is a team-based pole capture mode. The goal is to capture the poles of the opponent team, or to have the highest capture rate at the end of the timer to win the round.
  • BattleWaves: This is variation of the Battle mode. From the moment a player starts to capture a pole, a timer of 15 seconds begins for the offender team. The poles can be captured during this time. If the defending team successfully pushes back the offensive team during the 15 seconds they can capture the pole of the opponent team.
  • Time Attack: The goal is to arrive at a pole located somewhere in the map by passing all the checkpoints as quickly as possible. The player with the best time at the end of the time period wins the map.
  • Elite: a 3 vs 3 mode. On the field there is an offender equipped with a laser gun, which can eliminate an opponent in one hit, with 3 armor points. This offender must survive 45 seconds against 3 defenders equipped with rocket launchers, which deal one armor damage per rocket. Once the time expires, the offender has 15 seconds to capture the pole, if the 3 defenders have not been eliminated, to win the round. 
  • Heroes: a 5 vs 5 mode. The offensive team is composed of 4 players with the laser gun and one with the Nucleus. They all have one armor point. They must also survive the first 45 seconds against the defending team. The goal of the offensive team is to capture one of the poles located on the map before the last 15 seconds are up, only the player with the Nucleus is able to capture the pole. Important note: the Nucleus must capture one of the poles even if all the defensive players are eliminated. The goal of the defensive team is to eliminate the player with the Nucleus. The first team with 10 winning rounds wins the map.
  • Joust: 1 v 1 mode. Players have limited ammunition, They have to reload their weapons at one of the poles located in the map. To win a round, a player must hit his opponent a certain number of times.

In addition to these game modes, several game modes have already been created by the ShootMania community!

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