ManiaPlanet Account Issues

Forgotten Login
Submit a support question to retrieve your account login.
 You must include:

  • Your activation key
  • E-mail address attached to the account 
  • An image of your receipt for the purchase

Lost Activation Key
You should contact your retailer and request that they resend your activation key.  If you purchased the game from the Ubishop, submit a support question to retrieve your activation key. 

Lost Validation Code
If you have lost your validation code you will need to generate a new validation code.  You can generate a new validation code by visiting your ManiaPlanet Player Page.  On your player page, mouse over the Account button and select Validation Code.  You will need to enter your activation key on this page and then a new validation code will be generated for you.

Deactivated Key
If your activation key has been deactivated or the game is saying that you are not authorized to play, you will need to contact the official retailer you purchased the game from.  This is usually due to a payment issue and the retailer will be able to help you resolve the problem.

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