Far Cry 4 Arena Master - Game Play

How can I remove the fog from the map?

You can remove the fog by capturing Bell Towers in the HD Game and then allowing the app to sync to the game data.

How do I unlock new units?

You can unlock new units by increasing your arena rank and progressing through app activities.

How can I unlock rare units?

In order to unlock rare units you must first reach the arena rank corresponding to the normal unit type (e.g. for enraged white chested bear you must reach rank 9, the rank needed to unlock the white chested bear) and complete quests on the map.

How can I reduce the Danger level of a region?

The Danger level can be reduced by capturing the Outposts and Bell Towers in the HD game and allowing the app to sync to the game data.

Where are the units I use in Challenge creation coming from?

They are coming from the Barracks.

Who can play the challenge I create?

Anyone in an Online Game in the HD game will see tournaments created by the Arena Master App while in the Community Battles Menu in the Arena Menu.

How are the app and the main game connected?

Using the same Uplay account in both the Arena Master App and the HD game will sync the two. Game data from the HD game and the Arena Master App is communicated back and forth. This data communication allows you to increase your arena rank through either the app or the HD game and sync it to the other system. In addition, progress made in un-fogging the world map and capturing outposts in the HD game will be updated and carried over to the World Map of the Arena Master App. Finally, tournaments can be created in the Arena Master App, which can then be played in the HD Game in the Arena Menu.

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