Why is the Game Crashing to the Home Screen?

If you are having issues with the game crashing, try clearing your Game Data Utility Files. Doing so will clear any updates, install, and DLC content. 
NOTE: This will not affect your Save Data. All DLC items can be redownloaded & Exclusive Content is tied to the account and does not need to be re-downloaded.

On the Home menu of the PlayStation 4, highlight the game.

1. Press the Options button on the PS4 controller. 
2. Choose Delete and Press X.
3. Go to your Account > Download History or the PSN Store to download your game again.
Redownload any DLC you previously had installed and test the game again.

If issues persist, please try restoring your licenses on PSN to see if your problem is resolved.

1. On the PlayStation dashboard, choose PSN.
2. Choose Restore Licenses.

This should check to make sure your content on your console matches your account's privileges. 

If issues persist after trying these steps, rest assured that this should be resolved in an upcoming patch.
You can view all relevant updates regarding this issue on our support forums by clicking HERE.

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