Accessing Uplay Rewards

Might & Magic X Legacy Wallpaper - 10 Units
Unlock the Might & Magic X Legacy Wallpaper and do not forget to set it as your desktop background!

To download the Wallpaper please use the steps below:
1. Launch the Uplay client, click on Games 
2. Click on Might and Magic X Legacy 
3. Click on Rewards, then click on Download under Might & Magic X Legacy Wallpaper.

Sana the Archmage - 20 Units
Unlock Sana the Archmage as a Hireling (for 300 gold) who can be met in Seahaven. Sana can be found at the coordinates: [22.16]. Once hired, Sana will grant you the following buffs once per day:

Arcane Ward
+10 vs All Magic Schools
+10 vs All Magic Schools

Burning Determination
Protection vs Paralyze, Sleep & Stun
Protection vs Paralyze, Sleep & Stun

Wind Shield
+25 Evade vs Ranged
+25 Evade vs Ranged

Stone Skin
+16 Armor Value
+16 Armor Value

Hour of Power
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+10 Melee/Ranged
+10 Might, Magic, Perception & Destiny

Special Relic Set - 30 Units
Unlock a special Relic set that will automatically be added to your inventory, even if you are already in the middle of an adventure!
Before using them, you will have to identify them at a Scribe store: 150 gold coins per Relic, but you will get them quickly, we trust you! Here are the Special Relics:

Crag Hack's Helmet
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+6% Aggro Chance, +20 Melee, 100% vs Knockout
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+5 Medium Armor, +5 Endurance, +20 Armor
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+20 Air damage, +5 Air magic, +17 Air Damage vs Group
The Hacker
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+9 Might, +5 Axe Skill, 6% chance to cause Bleeding

NOTE: Relic items have 4 levels of stats and the stats displayed above are their Level 4 stats. When acquired, the items will have no extra stats until you level them up. The stats get progressively better until you reach their maximum stats at Level 4.

Meow Dungeon - 40 Units
Unlock the exclusive Supreme Temple of Meow. To reach this Dungeon, you need to go to Karthal Slums and reach these coordinates: [6.2].

You will meet a female Rakshasa called Tamina. Talk to her to take her quest. She will teleport you in this fabulous dungeon, full of cats and mysteries!

As long as you haven’t completed the quest, you can talk to Tamina to return to Karthal or come back to the dungeon.

Beware, you never know what is hiding around that next corner! And that won't be a cute kitten!
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