Where Can I Find My Exclusive Content In Assassin's Creed: Unity?

When can I access the content?

After activating your exclusive content code, any equipment, outfits, or missions included in your content can be obtained once you have become an Assassin in Sequence 3.

Where can I look to confirm if my content installed correctly?

To view the content that has been installed, follow the steps below:

1. From the Main Menu or Pause Menu, select Estore

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2. Then select Downloadable Content or Unlockable Content depending upon what content you redeemed

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3. After selecting Downloadable Content, anything that is installed correctly will say Installed in gold above the description

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4. After selecting Unlockable Content, anything installed correctly will show up and will say Installed in blue above the description

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Now that I have redeemed my Exclusive Content and confirmed it installed correctly, where do I find the content in-game?

For further information on where to find your exclusive content in-game, please click on the appropriate link below:

Exclusive Missions
Armor and Weapons
Exclusive Offers/Packs
Dead Kings DLC

Exclusive Missions

The Chemical Revolution, Killed by Science, or American Prisoner Mission (included in the American Prisoner Pack) - An icon will appear on your map for the mission(s). The icon(s) may look like other Paris Stories icons on your map currently.

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Going to locations on the map will allow you to begin the mission(s).

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If you are having trouble locating the mission(s) icon on your map, please follow the steps below to begin tracking the mission you want to begin.

1. Open the Progress Tracker

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2. Select Paris Stories

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3. Scroll down and find the mission(s)

4. Track the mission you wish to find (A or X on Consoles, Enter on PC)

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5. Follow the tracked mission in the world

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Armor and Weapons

Any weapons or equipment will appear in your Character Customization screen. You must be in Sequence 3 and have become Assassin in order to view the Character Customization menu option.

To access the items, bring up the Pause Menu, select Character Customization, then Gear Loadout, and then select the category of item you wish to view.

You should find your content within the corresponding category and it should have a small yellow Check in the small image for the item.

Exclusive Offers/Packs

American Prisoner Pack

American Prisoner Mission
Master Assassin Hood
Arno's French Rapier
Parade Pistol

Revolutionary Armament Pack
The Lion's Sabre
Executioner Double-Bladed Axe
The People’s Bardiche
Pitcairn-Putnam's Pistol
Solid Long Rifle
The Iron Dragon

Dead Kings DLC
How do I unlock a specific weapon or armor from the Dead Kings DLC?
To unlock a specific Dead Kings weapon or armor item, please refer to the specific item in your game and read the requirements listed on the right-hand side of the screen when hovering over the item. The Dead Kings DLC comes with various weapons and armor items which can be purchased after completing the required Dead Kings missions.

How do I begin the Dead Kings story missions?
To begin your Dead Kings story, Fast Travel to Franciade by using one of the two fast travel locations shown below:

Northern Paris
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Outside Arno's Villa
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Selecting the Fast Travel option either by walking up to the fast travel location or selecting it from the map will allow you to begin your journey. If the option to Fast Travel is grayed out, then the DLC content has not been installed.

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How do I download and install the Dead Kings DLC?

Launching the game will prompt you to download the DLC.

Xbox One
Go to the Xbox store on your console and search for the words Dead Kings. The only result should be the Dead Kings DLC. Select the content and press Install to begin the installation.

PlayStation 4
Go to the Sony store on your console and search for Assassin's Creed: Unity. Select the game and select the Add-ons section. Scroll through the add-ons and the Dead Kings DLC should show up. Select the DLC and select Download.

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