Gameplay Questions

How do I build a deck?

The ideal deck is composed of 59 cards:
  • 1 Hero
  • 8 Events
  • 50 Other cards (A mix of creatures, spells, or fortunes depending on your preference)

Your deck can hold 59 - 209 cards.

Where can I find the game modes?

When you click the Play button at the top of the screen you will be taken to the Classic Duel, which pairs you up against other players of your skill level (ELO) for straight forward duels. This is where you will get your constant flow of gold and experience points.

The Tournament button will take you to the different tournament modes. The tournaments do not unlock until you reach 200 ELO.

What is ELO?

ELO is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in competitor-vs-competitor games.

What is the object of the game?

The objective of the game is to bring your opponent's hero's life to zero before your hero is defeated.
To achieve this goal:
  • Deploy Creatures
  • Cast Spells 
  • Take advantage of Fortunes and Events

How do I mute players in game?

Press the red button next to the in-game chat window.

How do I redeem Codes?

You can redeem codes on PC by going to the store and clicking the redeem code button.
Note: You can't redeem codes with the iPad app, this must be done on a PC.

What information do I need to report a harassing player?

A few things you should prepare before reporting a player for harassment or abusive behavior are:
  • The player's name.
  • A summary of how the player was harassing or abusive. (Be as detailed as possible.)
  • Screenshots or video evidence of this player being harassing or abusive.

Where can I get more information?

You can find an in-depth guide to help you get started here. You can also find information about strategy and general topics on the official forums, the Facebook page, and the Twitter feed!

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