General Questions - Driver Speedboat Paradise

Do I need to be connected to a Wifi network to play?

No. But some specific parts of the game such as the in-app purchase store and the Weekly tournament section will require an online connection.

What are the game controls?

Driver Speedboat Paradise supports Touch mode and Tilt Mode – see Help section for more information. You can also play with a GamePad.

If I want to play with my friends, do we all need to be connected on the same network?

No! Everyone can use a different network: Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, etc.

How large is the app? How much space will it take on my device?

The download package is 378MB. On device it uses 860mb of data storage.

Can I play the game with a pad controller?

Yes, you can play with a pad controller, except with a MOGA Rebel or SteelSeries Stratus.

Do I need a Facebook account to play the game?

No, you don't need a Facebook account to play the game but we do encourage you to connect your account to Facebook to benefit from additional game features.

I can't connect to Facebook, what should I do?

Make sure you have allowed the application to access your basic information.

How do I connect to Facebook?

You can connect whenever you are prompted to do: 
- When inviting friends
- At the end of a race (to share your progress and brightness)
- When touching the identified button when it becomes available
- You can also connect from the MAIN SCREEN, touching the SIGN IN button with the Facebook Icon, or from the SETTINGS MENUS, toggling the Facebook function on.

If I uninstall and then reinstall the game, will I lose my progress?

Yes, you will lose your progress if you uninstall the game. However, cloud saving implementation is a priority for us and it should come with one of the next updates.

What can I do if I have a problem with my game?

You can contact us in the SETTINGS menu, touching the CONTACT US button, or contact the Customer Service at

Can I play Driver Speedboat Paradise for free?

Yes! It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchase. In-app purchases can accelerate his/her progress, but everything the player needs to finish this game is unlockable through gameplay. 

How can I access the locations that are locked?

The locations are unlocked once you have the required amount of stars and the adequate XP level. Some require waiting time or Facebook friends help to be unlocked faster

How do I get more fuel?

The fuel is filled up with time. If you don't want to wait you have two other options: 
- Ask friends for fuel (you need to be connected to Facebook)
- Purchase fuel in the shop.

I just purchased an item but it never came through. What can I do?

Go to the shop section and select the RESTORE PURCHASE button.

Can I challenge friends to beat my score?

Yes, of course! You can invite and challenge your Facebook friends.

I logged in on Facebook, but I would like to turn it off. What should I do?

On the app home screen, click on the icon in the upper right corner. The Settings menu allows you to turn off the Facebook connection.

Why should I invite my friends to play the game?

You get three main benefits inviting your friends to play DRIVER SPEEDBOAT PARADISE: 
- Compare your score in the leaderboard and compete with them in Weekly Tournament
- Gain best rewards 
- Brag about your lifestyle progress in the newsfeed.

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