Just Dance Controller App Questions

How does the app work? 
The app works with WiFi. When connected to the same WiFi network, the phone will be able to talk to the console, and the console in turn will be able to detect the phone and establish a connection to it. 

Why can’t my phone connect to the console? 
Here are some things you should check:

Before anything else:
Are your phone & console connected to the same WiFi network? Both devices need to be connected to the same WiFi network so that they can communicate with each other.

On your phone: 
Have you checked that the WiFi is turned on? Make sure the WiFi is activated on your phone, and that your phone is not set to airplane mode, or on the do not disturb mode.  

On your console:
Have you checked that the WiFi is turned on? Make sure the WiFi is activated on your console.

If your console is connected via LAN cable:
Is the LAN cable linked to your WiFi modem? Make sure the LAN cable is connected to your WiFi modem, and that your phone is connected to this WiFi network. The console and the phone can also communicate together if the console is connected via LAN cable.

Why can’t my phone connect to the console, while they are both on the same WiFi network?  
Please follow these steps:

1. Launch Just Dance 2016 on your Wii U™, PlayStation®4 or Xbox One console.

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2. Enter the game and select Mobile Device as your scoring method. Your console will start looking for your phone. 

TV screen
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TV screen
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3. Open the Just Dance Controller app on your iOS, Android or Windows Phone 10 device. Please carefully read the instructions that appear, or consult the help section of the app on the bottom right corner.

Phone screen
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4. If your smartphone and your console are connected to the same WiFi network, your smartphone should have detected your console and displayed your console’s name on the screen. 
       a.    If your console’s name doesn’t appear, please check your WiFi settings, your phone settings and your console settings, and carefully follow the steps indicated.
       b.    If your console’s name appears, tap on it and the connection will be established between your phone and your console! 

Phone screen
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5. Browse the game using your smartphone and dance with it holding your phone firmly in your right hand.

The app cannot find my console, why?
Have you tried to connect your phone at the right time? You should try to connect your phone only after having selected Phone as your scoring method on the homepage of the Just Dance 2016 console game, not before. This way the console knows it has to scan your WiFi network to find your phone, and your phone will be able to see your console.

Please remember that phone scoring is available only for the following consoles:

 - Wii U™, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One for Just Dance 2016
 - PlayStation®4 and Xbox One for Just Dance 2015
 - And for the following smartphones: iOS (version 6.0 and later), Android (version 4.1 and later), Windows Phone 10 (compatible with Xbox One consoles only)

The app cannot find my console, while it’s on the same WiFi network as my phone, why?
Make sure you have launched the app’s detection of your console after selecting Mobile Device as your scoring method. Only then will the console be detectable by your smartphone.
You can also refresh the console detection by pushing Refresh on the app.

Why does my phone disconnect while I’m playing? 
Here is a list of potential causes that will stop the connection between your smartphone and the game session:
 - Notification popup
 - Low battery popup
 - Screen turned off
 - Phone turning off due to low battery

Why can’t I use the app with JD2015? 
We are currently experiencing connection issues between the app and Just Dance 2015 for Xbox One. We are working on fixing this as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.
On PlayStation®4 everything should be working. Please make sure you follow the connection steps described above properly.
The app does not work for Just Dance 2015 on Wii U. (But it works with Just Dance 2016 on the Wii U).

The app detected my console but I cannot select it, because it keeps searching the network for a console. How do I select it? 
Try shutting down the app and reopening it. By rebooting the system it might help refresh the app’s system and it should all work properly.

The app says my phone isn’t connected to the WiFi, while it is… Why? 
Check that airplane mode is deactivated. Also check that your phone is not on night/do not disturb mode. Both options turn the WiFi off and therefore impedes the connection.

Is the app compatible with my Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360? 
The Just Dance Controller app is not compatible with the Wii, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 entertainment systems.
The new Just Dance Controller app has been specifically designed to work with Just Dance 2016’s new features on Wii U™, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. 

Can I play the app on a PC, if I don’t have a console? 
The Just Dance Controller app is only compatible with the Wii U™, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One versions of the console game Just Dance 2016.
If you do not have a console, you still have a chance to experience Just Dance! Just Dance Now allows you to play on any screen connected to an internet browser using your smartphone. Download the Just Dance Now smartphone app on an iOS or Android device, and on your computer, go to www.justdancenow.com. Follow the instructions and Just Dance!

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