Error Code 17002 in Ubisoft Connect

If you have received the error code 17002 while playing your games in Ubisoft Connect, it's important to understand what has caused this to occur. 

You may receive this error because: 
  • You are not logged in to the Ubisoft account that you own the game on.
  • You have purchased the game on Epic Games or Steam, but your Epic Games or Steam account is not linked to your Ubisoft account. You can see which accounts you have linked to your Ubisoft account by following our dedicated guide
  • You have participated in a free weekend or had played a demo version of the game that is no longer available.
Investigate whether one of these three scenarios is applicable to your personal situation and resolve them using the linked resources provided within each point. 

If you continue to experience this error after performing the troubleshooting listed above, please contact our Support Team and provide us with the error code that you're experiencing, the troubleshooting you've performed so far, and the impact those efforts had on your experience. 


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