Known Issues

Below is a list of some of the “Known Issues” that you may encounter while playing Toy Soldiers: War Chest. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all the bugs that the developers are currently aware of. Certain minor issues [spelling mistakes, clipping issues, etc.] may be omitted to keep this list as concise as possible. 

All Platforms [Xbox One, PS4, PC]
Console [Xbox One, PS4]
PC: [PC/Steam]
Other: [Xbox One + PC, PS4 + PC, etc.]

All Platforms:
Calling in the hero before accepting the tutorial prompt may break the Tutorial. 
At the end of the Defense Phase in Multiplayer matches, all units are counted as destroyed even if they weren’t.
Certain aerial Hero units remained displayed on the Map and HUD after being destroyed. 

-Players are unable to make persistent changes to the controller layout for Player Two. 
-Players may not receive notification if they are left in the Game Party after joining a sessions that has already started.
-Players may experience a “Desync” error in Mission 12 after the Emancipator is destroyed when playing Co-Op Online. 
-Maps may not update for Users while waiting for other Players to join a Ranked Lobby. 
-When a Player fires with a teammate’s turret, the opposing team will not see the firing animation or bullets. 
-The “Confirmation Message” remains on the screen if a User accepts multiple invites for Multiplayer Games. 
-When a Player’s turret is destroyed while repairing the turret in a multiplayer match, it will only show as destroyed for the Host.

Xbox One:
-Players who are kicked from a Multiplayer Custom Game do not receive notification. 
-Total Hours Played is incorrectly tracked.

Playstation 4:
-The game may crash after Wave 8 on Mission 10. [Rare]
-If a Player resumes a game after switching Users, the Second Player may lose functionality. 
-Players may lose progress if they navigate from the “Main Menu” to the title screen very quickly while the game is still in the process of saving. 
-Players may receive an “Incomplete Multiplayer Lobby” message if they join the Lobby/Match from another Multiplayer Lobby/Match. 
-The purchase screen for Token Packs may remain on top if the Player makes multiple purchases. 
-Med Packs are not visible for the opponent in any Custom/Ranked Multiplayer Map.

[Xbox One/PC] The Game will rarely load a blank screen when the Player enters the Store for the first time on a new account. 
[PS4/PC] User may be removed from the Lobby when joining the same Ranked Lobby as other Players. 
[Xbox One/PC] The friendly Stealth Jet in online Co-Cop will remained displayed after it’s destroyed in Mission 12.

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