Using the Optimisation Station in The Division 2

The Optimization Station will make it possible to increase the attributes of your gear and weapon up to their full 100%.

Only level 40 high-end, Gear Set, and Exotic gear and weapons can be optimized.

You can find the Optimization Station in the Recalibration Station at the Base of Operations or Haven after completing the third mission of the Campus settlement.

Please note, once you have optimized an item, it cannot be recalibrated

To optimize an item:
•  Approach the Recalibration Station. 
•  Hold down the Open Menu button.
•  Select the Optimization tile.
•  Choose which category you want to optimize.
•  Highlight the item you want to improve.
The item will be greyed out if the level is too low, the quality is too low or you do not have enough Optimization Resources. 
•  Hold down the Select button.
•  Highlight the Attribute you want to increase.
The Attribute will be greyed out if you do not have enough Optimization Resources.
•  Hold down the Optimize button to improve that attribute. 

Optimization requires four different types of resources:
Item-type materials: Earned from deconstructing other gear of the same type. Only high-end, Exotic and Gear Set items will give this material. 
Control Point/Landmark materials: Earned by completing Control Points, Landmarks in the Dark Zone, or floors of The Summit.
Faction materials: Can be looted from faction enemies.
Project materials: Earned by completing Daily and Weekly projects. 

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