River Raid locations in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

During a River Raid you will encounter different locations: 

Civilian locations
These settlements usually do not offer a lot of resistance and can be raided for Rations. These will keep you and your Jomsvikings going.

Military locations
These locations range from small camps to forts, and can be raided for foreign supplies to upgrade your River Raiding Longship or Jomsviking Hall. You also have a chance to find some special gear here.
Here you will be able to find foreign supplies for upgrades as well as Books of Knowledge to unlock new skills. Additionally, you have a chance to find clues for new rivers.

Raiding a location will raise the River Alert Level, which will increase the number of enemy reinforcements further along the river. You can view the current level in the River Raids Status screen.

River Alter Level in the River Status screen, completely filled with highlighted bell icon.
River Alert Level in status screen

A pillaged location will recover after completing River Raids, but can not be raided again until it was rebuilt. 

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