M3 has caused an error in M3.EXE


When I try to start Myst III, I get an error message that states "M3 has caused an error in M3.EXE. M3 will now close."


The problem you are experiencing has been resolved with the latest patch for Myst III. Please visit http://www.ubi.com/US/Downloads/Info.aspx?dlId=40 to download and install the latest patch.

Myst III: Exile Version 1.22 Release Notes

This patch upgrades Myst III: Exile for PC to version 1.22. If you are unsure which version you currently have installed hold down CTRL while starting the game. In the bottom left corner of this first window, you will see the version. To install the patch, download the appropriate file to your system, then run it to install the patch.

- Fixed bug where Music stopped playing part-way through the game
- Fixed missing 3D effect in Edanna with Kyro II chipset video cards

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