Issues with ATI Radeon Video Card


I have an ATI Radeon video card and am having trouble running Myst III properly. Is there anything I can do allow the game to run without choppy video?


There are some known problems with the Radeon chipset. Here are a few things to try to help getting Myst III to run properly:
  • Install Exile using the full install option (see the README on Disk 1 for instructions).
  • Make sure that you check Optimized Cinematic Playback.
  • Load up your operating system using minimal extensions.
  • Turn Virtual Memory off.
  • Increase the game memory allocation to 70000 KB
  • Install ATI's Radeon v 1.1.1 driver software These drivers include OpenGL v 1.2.1 (+ ATI's OpenGL Renderer ATI v 1.2.3)
  • Install QuickTime 5.0.2

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