How To Setup a Game Against the Computer


How do I setup a single-player game against the computer?


If you are unsure how to play a game of chess against the computer, please follow the instructions below.

This is a beginner walk-through and will not explain the different options you have available to customize the game settings. Please refer to your game manual if you have questions about adjusting the game play or layout. 

1. Double-click the Chessmaster 10th Edition Icon from your Desktop or Start Menu.

2. After the introduction movie, you will find the Chessmaster Main Menu. Left click on the Play Icon located on the top left. This will expand the Play Menu options. The Play Icon is represented by two pawns.

3. From the Play Menu, left-click the Setup Position circle.

4. The next screen will display your chessboard and the Setup Board Position Menu. Click on Next.

5. After clicking Next, the Game Details Menu will appear. From this menu, you have the Ability to choose your opponent and begin the game.

Choosing an Opponent: By default, this menu will have both the white and black pieces controlled by a human player (you). If you wish to play the computer (AI), click on the computer icon.

1. After clicking on the computer icon, you will have the ability to choose your opponent by clicking on Select. Choose the level opponent you wish to face, and click OK. The next Game Details screen should now display the computer controlled opponent you will play against.

2. Click OK, and the game will begin.

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