Climbing the Tower During the Altair Dream Sequence


I have encountered a problem during the Altair dream sequence. I'm trying to climb the tower, and there doesn't appear to be any way to climb to the top. Altair can't grab the spot he is supposed to grab to allow him to climb all the way up. What am I doing wrong?


Start by climbing the tower until you reach the parapet/ledge with the door and the lamp post. Use your Eagle Vision for assistance in climbing up to this point.

Once on the parapet there are a few different ways to grab on to the lamp post:

Method 1
Stand facing the door on either the left or right side of the light post. Free run up the wall to the left or right of the lamp post and complete an extended jump by pressing Xbox 360 - A (A - 360) / PS3 - X (X - PS3) and aiming in the direction of the light post at the top of the run. You should then grab on to the lamp post and be able to continue climbing.

Method 2
Stand on the little wall directly underneath the lamppost. Hold RT (360) / R1 (PS3) and jump by pressing Xbox 360 - A (A - 360) / PS3 - X (X - PS3). This will allow Altair to grab onto the post and continue climbing.

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