Rocksmith Guitar Bundle


I have a problem with the Epiphone Les Paul Junior electric guitar that came with my Rocksmith bundle. How can I get in touch with Epiphone? 


If you have any questions or problems with your Epiphone Les Paul Junior guitar, DO NOT return the guitar to the retailer.

Instead, please contact Gibson Customer Service:

North America
1-800-4GIBSON (1-800444-2766)

00+8004GIBSON1 (00+800-444-2766-1)

NOTE: Breaking a string is unwanted, BUT NORMAL. To replace the string, follow the instructions in the Epiphone Owners Manual included with the guitar. Replacement strings can be purchased at any Authorized Epiphone Dealer. Locate the dealer nearest you, by visiting

Epiphone Les Paul Junior Warranty information can be found here.

Click here to register your guitar online.

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