Linking to Your Ubisoft Account


How do I link my Ubisoft Account to my Gamertag on my Xbox One console?


How to Install the Uplay Application
1. Click on the Search tab on your Xbox One Dashboard or go to the Store and enter the Apps section.
2. Enter Ubisoft Club in the Search tab and select the Ubisoft Club app on your television screen.
3. Select Get it for free to download and install the Ubisoft Club app.
4. Go back to the Xbox One Dashboard and click on the Ubisoft Club app icon to LAUNCH it.


5. Find Ubisoft Club directly in the game main-menu.
6. Click on the Ubisoft Club button in the game main-menu:

- If you have not already installed the Ubisoft Club app on your Xbox One, a pop-up will redirect you to the Xbox Marketplace (see step 1 to learn how to download it)
- If you have already installed the Ubisoft Club app on your Xbox One, the Ubisoft Club will automatically be launched

This is how it looks when you launch The Ubisoft Club app for the first time

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Account Creation and Login Information 

What if I had a 360 account linked?

If you have already linked your Ubisoft Account to your Gamertag on your Xbox 360, you will stay linked on your Xbox One. You are automatically logged into your Ubisoft Account when launching a game or accessing the Ubisoft Club app on your Xbox One dashboard. Your Username, Avatar, and Units balance, will stay the same. You will be able to start redeeming Rewards for your Xbox One games right away!

What if I don't have an account yet?

If you do not yet have a Ubisoft Account, making one is easy. You can visit the Ubisoft Club Website, or create one directly in the application.

Here is how it looks when you create a Ubisoft Account in the Ubisoft Club app.

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How do I link my Xbox Live Gamertag to my Ubisoft Account through the Ubisoft Club App? 
If your account is not yet linked, simply logging into your Ubisoft Account while you are signed into your Xbox Live account will create the account link.

This is how the app looks when you log into your Ubisoft Account on the Ubisoft Club app.

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