How do I redeem my Exclusive Content code?


How do I redeem my Exclusive Content code?


To redeem your Exclusive Content code, please refer to the following steps:

1. From the main menu of the game, select Additional Content

Select Additional Content from the main menu for the game

2. On the next screen, select Redeem Code

Select Redeem Code on the next screen

3. A new window should pop up (varying depending upon your platform) with the ability to input your Exclusive Content code

Note: On the Xbox 360, another prompt will appear which has two options. Make sure to select Ubisoft Code before continuing to input your code

Select Ubisoft Code on the Xbox 360

4. Enter in the Exclusive Content code exactly as it is written (all uppercase and include the dashes)

5. Once the code has been entered, your content should begin downloading and you should have access to it.

Note: An alternative for console users is to enter their Exclusive Content codes in the respective content stores (PlayStation Store/Xbox Marketplace) while PC users can enter their code in the Uplay client directly.

How do I know if my Exclusive Content activated correctly?

1. From the Additional Content menu, select Acquired Content

Select Acquired Content from the Additional Content menu

2. On the next screen, your Exclusive Content should be listed with a description of what was included

Exclusive Content obtained will be displayed

Where do I find my Exclusive Content?

Please refer to the FAQ regarding your question, found HERE.

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