I Am Having Trouble with My DS Game


I am having issues with my DS game. The game will not load correctly?


If you are having trouble with a DS game, please follow the suggestions listed below:

-My game is not loading?

Did the DS game make a click when you inserted it into the DS? There should have been a clicking sound signaling that the game was fully inserted. Please eject the game and make sure it makes a click when it is inserted, or your DS might have an issue.

-My game is having graphics issues?

It is not atypical for a game to occasionally have an image that is mixed up. Eject the game and reinsert it into the DS and the issue should be solved.

Make sure that you are using Nintendo licensed accessories as those are guaranteed to work. Also confirm that there are no foreign materials wedged between the DS game card and the game slot.

-One of my DS buttons is not responding?

Please check the manual that came with your game, because not all Ubisoft games utilize all the buttons on the DS. If a button is supposed to work and is not, check to see if it is working with another game. If the button does not work in multiple games, you will need to contact Nintendo Support.

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