List of Uplay PC error messages


I got an error in Uplay PC, what does it mean and what can I do?


In this FAQ, you can find troubleshooting for errors you may encounter when using Uplay PC. 

17008, 17012, 17013, 17014
Try running Uplay PC with administrator rights. If that does not help, try reinstalling Uplay PC, too. 

Please check if you've got sufficient disk space to download the game. If you do and still receive this error, try running Uplay PC with administrator rights.

17002, 17009
Check if your Ubisoft Account is linked to the relevant account for the game you are trying to run. You may check a relevant article HERE. If you have purchased the game through Steam, check to see if your Ubisoft and Steam account are linked. 
Also, please double check you are logged in to the right account and own the game with this account. If you took part in a Free Weekend event or played a demo version of the game, make sure the event is still ongoing and you still have access. 

17006, 17017
Follow the steps in our connectivity troubleshooting FAQ HERE

17005, 17016
Please contact us and share a copy of your DxDiag, MSinfo, and Uplay PC logs with us. We'll be happy to look into the issue for you. 

For any other error code, unexpected behaviour, or if the previous troubleshooting did not resolve the issue for you, please try this: 
- Run Uplay PC with administrator rights.
- Follow the steps in our connectivity troubleshooting HERE
Reinstall Uplay PC

If you still experience issues after trying all steps listed here, please feel free to contact us! We'll be happy to investigate for you. Please include a copy of your DxDiag, MSinfo, and Uplay PC logs in your ticket - for technical questions such as this, these files will greatly help us understand the situation. 

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