Weakening the power of a nation controlling a region


How can I weaken the nation controlling the region and take down the Leader?


Each Greek region will be in control of either Sparta or Athens. When you first arrive in a new area, you may need to use Ikaros to scout the region's capitol for the Leader Leader icon.

Spotting them will help you identify the level of the Leader and how heavily guarded they are.

You can then view that information by hovering over the region on the map. The three bars appearing under the nation's name are a representation of the nation's current power.
World map showing the leader details and current nation power

Weakening the nation will expose flaws in the Leader's guard and help you take them down.

To lower the nation power:
- attack the nation's soldiers
- destroy grain silos, weapon racks and war supplies War supplies icon
- steal the nation's treasury
Nation power bar depleting

As you complete the above tasks, the nation's power bar will decrease and once it has been depleted, the Leader will become an easy target.
Leader vulnerability loading screen hint

When the nation's power is low enough, you will also be able to take part in a Conquest battle for the region.

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