Finding the installation location of your games


How can I find the location of my installed games?


Knowing where your game is installed can be useful when troubleshooting an issue or trying to run the application with administrator rights.

You can easily find the installation location with the help of Uplay PC or the Steam client.

Uplay PC

To find the location of a game installed through Uplay PC:
- Click on the game tile in your library.
- Select Properties from the menu on the left.
- In the Local files section, press Open folder.
UplayPC client showing the Properties menu


To find the location of a game installed through Steam:
- Highlight the game in your library.
- Right-click on the game title and select Properties.
- Navigate to the Local files tab.
- Select the Browse local files... option.
Steam client showing the Local Files tab
Epic Games Launcher

The default installation folder is the following: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\[Game name]

There is currently no feature in the Epic Games Launcher to directly locate the installation path. 

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