Tobii Promotion - Claiming your copy of The Division 2


How can I claim my copy of The Division 2 included with my Tobii product purchase?


To get your free copy of The Division 2, you need to first register your Eye Tracker with the help of Tobii Eye Tracking Core Software, and then collect your activation key.

Before you start, here is some general information:
You can claim the game until 3 March 2021.
You will have 30 days after activating the Eye Tracker to collect your copy of The Division 2.

To claim your game

• Complete the registration of your new Eye Tracker device.

• Visit the Tobii website and log in to the account you registered your device on.

• Click on your account name in the top right hand corner of the page, next to the Buy button.

• From the drop-down, select Game keys.

• On the next page, select The Division 2 and click on Confirm to be provided with a Uplay activation key.

The Division 2 will appear in your Uplay library once your key has been successfully activated

If you are having trouble registering your product or have not received your game key, please contact Tobii support.

For any additional information about the promotion, or help with activating the key in Uplay, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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