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What should I know about the Clan feature in The Division 2?


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In The Division 2, we have introduced a new feature to allow Agents to progress together.

Clans will focus on building tight-knit communities with common goals and will consist of up to 50 players, with up to four characters each.

The feature allows you to easily team up with like-minded Division Agents to take down tougher enemies - each Clan also has access to Clan Projects which will help your community unlock more rewards

The weekly progression of your Clan will affect your earned rewards: Clan experiencecompletion bonus and weekly caches. You can check this progression through the Clan tile in the in-game menu. 

Levelling up your Clan will help you unlock certain upgrades and gives you the ability to purchase unique cosmetic headgear, featuring your insignia, enabling you to represent your Clan wherever you go.

Clan management

Clans can be created or joined by visiting Grace at the Base of Operations.

Grace is unlocked after you complete three Theater Settlement missions. Anyone who has unlocked the feature can create their own Clan, but to start progressing, a total of four members is required.

Talk to Grace at the Base of Operations to start your Clan creation:
- Select Create Clan.
- Choose your Clan name, include a short description and define the atmosphere of your clan using the available paremeters.
Note that Clan names can be between 4 to 15 letters long and the tag, which is visible to all players, consists of 3 capitalised letters.
- Create your Insignia.
Once you have done so, you should be able to finish the Clan creation. 

From the Roster, you can invite new members. Invited players will receive a notification in their Clan Inbox.
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On the Feed screen, all members can check if new projects are available or if the Clan received distinctions. 

If you would like to disband your Clan, go to the Management screen and press the corresponding key/control. 

Edit Clan information or members

If you are a Commander or a Lieutenant, you should be able to modify the Clan Details or Insignia in the Management menu.

Details are the criteria defining your clan: favourite type of activities, active times, atmosphere, privacy status, etc.
Agents looking for a new Clan will check this information to see if it's worth joining, so make sure you keep them up to date!

Insignia are the visual representation of your Clan.
They will be visible to other players when they look at your Clan description or if they inspect your character. 

You can manage your Clan members in the Roster menu.

If you are the Leader of the Clan, you can also pass this responsibility to another player through the Roster menu. 

Joining a Clan

Use the Find Clan option to find groups based on:
- atmosphere,
- interests,
- language,
- playstyle.

Clans can be either private or public. If you wish to be invited to a specific Clan, apply or contact one of their leaders! 

Clan rewards

The content of the weekly caches is based on the amount of Clan experience earned by the Clan for that week.

Clan experience can be earned from any activity in the game, but the Clan projects will contribute a lot!

There are three reward tiers - bronze, silver and gold.

Reaching the bronze tier will unlock guaranteed rewards, while reaching the silver and gold tiers will further improve the week’s rewards each time.

All Clan members will receive the same reward at the end of the week. 

For more information about Clans, please have a look at the official intelligence annex on the The Division 2 website. 

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