Projects in The Division 2


What should I know about projects in The Division 2?


Projects are optional timed or mandatory tasks you can complete in different locations.

While you explore D.C., you will be assigned projects by Settlement Leaders and the Division Coordinator. They may ask you to gather some materials and gear or resolve some situations in order to fulfill settlement needs.

There are a variety of projects available in The Division 2:
Settlement projects require you to provide water, food, components or gear donations to make the settlements more efficient and secure.
In End-game, Daily/Weekly Settlement projects reflect their rising ambition - help strike teams flush out enemy factions, clear named zones of enemies, or even spread good cheer by emoting with other players!

Safe House - these Named Zone Liberation projects continue the activities of the Agents that came before you.
Capture and resupply control points, disrupt hostile activities and locate hidden SHD caches to flush out the faction leaders hiding in the zone.

End-Game Priority Missions are projects that require the completion of Hard and Challenging missions.
Completing a project will earn you experience and may grant any the following rewards:
- blueprints
crafting materials
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To collect your Settlement Project rewards, you may need to travel back to the Settlement you picked up the mission from.

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