Content Packs of Anno 1800


What is included in the content pack I unlocked for Anno 1800?


Once you have successfully activated the content, for example by redeeming a code, you will be able to find it in game.

Below you find a list of the content packs and what they contain:

Imperial Pack (Pre-Order Bonus)
• 1602 Memorial 
• Imperial Train
• Imperial Command Ship
Anno 1800 Imperial Pack
Digital Deluxe Pack
The Anarchist
• Company logos
The Art of Anno 1800
Selected Game Soundtrack
Anno 1800 Digital Deluxe Pack

The Anarchist
• New medium-difficult AI opponent: Dr Hugo Mercier, the Anarchist
• New defection system
• Over 50 new quests
• Over 50 new items
• Unlock his portrait and logo for your own profile (unlockable via Ubisoft Club)
• 6 new Achievements to challenge players
• 2 new ornaments (unlockable via Ubisoft Club)
Anarchist DLC Art
• Player portrait: The Prisoner 
• Company logos Promethean Fire and Eagle Crest
• DLC I: Sunken Treasures
• DLC II: Botanica
• DLC III: The Passage
Anno 1800 Season Pass

Sunken Treasures
• New quests send you on a hunt for a priceless artefact lost during a battle many years ago.
• Build a metropolis on one of the biggest islands in Anno history.
• Use the diving bell to hunt for sunken treasures across all sessions and game modes.
• Help eccentric inventor Old Nate to craft new items for your city that are as powerful as they are explosive.
Anno 1800 Sunken Treasures Artwork
• Build the new Botanical Garden building to raise your cities attractiveness
• Brand-new botanical expeditions
• Build the new music pavilion to listen to music from previous Anno games
User-added image
The Passage
• Embark on a brand-new campaign chapter and find out what happened to Sir John and his crew.
• New Arctic gameplay.
• 2 new citizen tiers with 32 new buildings and 7 new production chains.
• New airship system.
Anno 1800 The Passage DLC Artwork
Should you have difficulties locating any of the content, or have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

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