Requesting a Refund for Digital Purchases


How do I request a refund for my digital product?


You may request a refund for digital games, for any reason, within 14 calendar days of the original purchase date (or from the date the content becomes available, in the case of pre-orders).

Purchases are no longer eligible for refund once accessed.

Purchases for consumables, DLC, or in-game purchases are final and not eligible for refunds.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you encountered any issues with your order.

When submitting your ticket, please ensure you are logged into the same Ubisoft Account you used to make the original purchase.

We can also help guide you through the refund process for physical orders and pre-orders.

Ubisoft titles purchased through one of our approved retailers, such as: are subject to their respective store policies and will need to be refunded directly by the vendor.

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