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What can I expect from Tom Clancy's Elite Squad?



Q. What is Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad?
Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is a new free-to-play mobile role-playing game from Owlient, a Ubisoft Studio.
For the very first time in the Tom Clancy’s video game franchise, you will be able to assemble heroes and villains from Rainbow Six®, Ghost Recon®, The Division® and Splinter Cell®. You will train and equip your specialists to unleash their full potential on the battlefield.

Q. Where can I get exclusive information regarding the game?
You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and pre-register to access exclusive information and updates regarding Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad development. We will also communicate all the official announcements by emails to all the players who pre-register on the official website.

Q: What genre of video game is Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad?
Tom Clancy's Elite Squad is a real-time battle role-playing game where players will assemble and upgrade the most iconic heroes and villains to lead them in stunning real-time 5vs5 shooting battles.

Q. Why did you choose the RPG gameplay?
For the first time, all heroes and villains from the Tom Clancy universe are available and playable in one game. The role-playing genre was a natural fit to let the players assemble and train all their favorite characters.

Q. When, where and on what platforms will Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad be release?
Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is set for release later this year in some selected countries prior to the worldwide launch, for both iOS and Android devices on the App Store and Google Play. We will communicate the exact release date at a later stage.

Q. Can you tell if my favorite Tom Clancy character will be available in the game?
Many fan-favorite characters from the Tom Clancy’s video game universe will be available in Elite Squad to give you the opportunity to assemble the finest squad ever made.

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