General PS4 Troubleshooting


Here are some general troubleshooting steps to resolve various issues on your PS4 console.


Games crashing on PS4 can be caused by a variety of things. Below, you will find some troubleshooting steps that often alleviate crashing issues.

If you bought the game digitally or redeemed it via the PlayStation Store, try restoring licenses as a first step.

From the PlayStation home screen:
1. Navigate to Settings > PlayStation Network/Account Management > Restore Licenses.
2. Select Restore.

If the issue persists or if you own a physical copy of the game, please try reinstalling the game files.

If the game is visible on the PlayStation home screen:
1. Hover over the game tile.
2. Press the Options button.
3. Select Delete.

Alternatively, you can:
1. Scroll to the right to locate the Library.
2. Hover over the game tile.
3. Press the Options button.
4. Select Delete.

Note: Uninstalling a game will not affect your saved data.

If reinstalling the content doesn't resolve the issue, it is suggested that you rebuild your PS4's database.

1. Turn off the PS4.
2. Once the PS4 is off, press and hold the power button until the PS4 beeps twice (this may take up to 10 seconds).
3. Connect the DualShock controller with a USB cable. 
4. Once connected, press the PS button on the controller. You should now see the Safe Mode options on the PS4. 
5. Select option "5. Rebuild Database" and press X. 
6. "The database will be rebuilt, it might take a few hours to rebuild the database" will show on the screen, press "OK".
7. Allow the database to rebuild. Afterwards the console will return to the sign-in screen.

If you are still experiencing issues after completing the steps above, you can submit an email ticket or start a Live Chat with one of our Support Agents here.

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