How To Redeem Content


How do I redeem my exclusive extra content?


Please follow the below steps to redeem your extra content code for the Watch Dogs 2.

To redeem the Watch Dogs 2 Exclusive Content, please click HEREOnce you access the Watch Dogs 2 Exclusive Content website, in the middle of the screen you will see "Redeem Your Code".

Unlock Content Image
Once you have clicked "Redeem Your Code" you will be prompted to log in with your Ubisoft account:

Login Image

Once you have logged in you will be prompted to select your platform of your choice and to enter your code in the field.

Redeem Code Image

Once the code has been successful, you will see the following confirmation message on the screen.

Zodiac Killer Unlock Image

Note: you will also receive an e-mail confirmation; this will be sent to the email address linked to your Ubisoft account.

Associated Platforms


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