Accessing the Winterfest DLC


How do I access the new contents of the Winterfest DLC?


The Winterfest DLC comes with several new items, new duels and trials and a new line of progression. For more detailed information about the content of the DLC please visit this dedicated FAQ.

You can access the items such as costumes and gadgets in the usual way through the rider customisation menu

The trials and duels of the Winterfest DLC can be found in the mountain view. The big red initials WF are the map marker for Winterfest, showing the starting point of the series of new trials and duels. The starting point is located in Tyrol in the Alps at 201 S - 7318 E but is visible from all other regions, too. If you do not yet own the Winterfest DLC, trying to start Winterfest from there will redirect you to the Store. 
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For more information about the trials and duels please visit our dedicated FAQ

If you have trouble locating the content in-game, please check if it was downloaded and installed correctly on your PC, PS4 or Xbox One. If the content still does not appear in-game, feel free to contact us!

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