Unlocking Ubisoft Club Rewards on PS4


How can I unlock a Ubisoft Club Reward on PS4?


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If you don't know how to unlock your Ubisoft Club reward on PS4, please have a look at the following steps:
1. Navigate to the game on your home screen and press Down to get to the game overview page. 

2. On the right, you will see a section called More from [game]. There, you can find a tile that will take you to the Ubisoft Club. The tile will have one out of three possible names or layouts:
Discover the Club
Discover the Ubisoft Club
- The tile will prompt you to unlock a certain reward
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3. Click on the tile and you will be taken to the Ubisoft Club website. 

4. You should see the available Rewards for the game. To unlock a Reward simply click the button Unlock.

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