Locate and access bonus content in Far Cry 5


Where can I find my bonus content in Far Cry 5?


Any content you unlock in Far Cry 5 will be accessible for you in the respective game menu or in-game store. If you unlock a content pack, the items will be organised into those menus and stores as well.

In detail, this means: 
Outfits or items of clothing will be available in the Character Customisation menu.
Vehicles, planes or helicopters will be available in vehicle shops or Hangars in the game. 
Weapons will be available in Weapon shops in the game.
Consumables will be available in the Utility Wheel
Explosives will be available in the Weapon Wheel

Please note that you will need to complete the mission The Resistance (an early mission in the game) before most of the menus and contents become available.

If you have trouble locating content you should have unlocked, the information in this FAQ might help.

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