AMD processors and SSE4.X support


Does my AMD CPU support SSE4.1 or higher?


SSE4.1 is an instruction set required by many current games. Older AMD processors might not support this instruction set. You'll find below a list of AMD CPU family that support, or not, this instruction set.

AMD processors that support SSE4.1 or higher
- "Bulldozer" family
- FX-4100 series
- FX-6100 series
- FX-8100 series
- Opteron 3200 series
- Opteron 4200 series
- Opteron 6200 series

- "Piledriver" Family
- FX-4300 series
- FX-6300 series
- FX-8300 series
- Opteron 3300 series
- Opteron 4300 series
- Opteron 6300 series

- "Steamroller" / "Excavator" Family
- all Althon X4 series

- "Ryzen" family
- all Ryzen series

AMD Processors that do not support SSE4.1 or higher
- "Sempron" family
- "Athlon II" family
- "Phenom II" family
- "Athlon" family
- "Phenom" family

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